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104年 調查局三等英文

104 年 - 調查、國家安全情報三等考試

1 Station box lunches evoke images of taste, sight, smell, sound, and touch. They tantalize the full _____ of human senses.

  • evoke 喚起(記憶等);引起; 激起 to make someone remember something or feel an emotion That old movie evoked memories of my childhood .   那部舊電影喚起了我童年的記憶。
  • tantalize 引逗 撩撥,惹弄,逗引 to cause (someone) to feel interest or excitement about something that is very attractive, appealing, etc. She was tantalized by the possibility of earning a lot of money quickly.
  • glare
  1. 瞪眼,怒視 She gave the rude man a glare .   她對那個粗魯的漢子怒目而視。
  2. 刺眼的強光 He had to wear sunglasses because of the glare of the sun .   因為陽光耀眼,他只好戴墨鏡。This screen gives off a lot of glare. 這種螢幕發出的光太刺眼。
  • brunt 最沉重(或強烈)的部分 the main force of something unpleasant The brunt of her argument was directed at the trade unionleader .   她的言論的鋒芒指向工會領袖。 to bear or take the brunt of   在…中首當其衝 The infantry have taken/borne the brunt of the missile attacks. 步兵在導彈襲撃中首當其衝。Small companies are feeling the full brunt of the recession. 小公司飽受經濟不景氣所帶來的壓力。
  • brigade [brɪˋged]
  1. 【軍】旅 command a brigade   指揮一個旅
    infantry/cavalry/artillery brigade   步兵旅/騎兵旅/炮兵旅
  2. (為某個目的而成立的)隊,團 a rescue brigade   援救隊
    the fire/ambulance brigade   消防隊/救護隊
  3. (有共同點,尤指熱衷於某一信念或主題的)隊,派,幫 a group of people who have something in common, especially an enthusiasm for a particular belief or subject
    Since she gave up smoking she's joined the anti-smoking brigade. 自從戒煙後,她加入了反對吸煙的隊伍。

2 The story of the battle caught the public imagination. The general became an instant hero, _____ in newspapers and praised from church pulpits.

  • pulpit [ˋpʊlpɪt] 講道壇 布道壇
  • eulogize [ˋjulə͵dʒaɪz] 頌揚 稱讚 讚美 稱頌 to praise someone or something in a speech or piece of writing
    to be eulogized as sth .   被讚譽為某物
    Critics everywhere have eulogized her new novel. 各地的評論家都對她的新小說大加讚美。
    They eulogized over the breathtaking views. 他們對這令人心醉神迷的美景讚不絕口。
  • libel [ˋlaɪb!]【律】用文字(或圖畫等)誹謗 對……造謠中傷 He claims he has been libeled in the press .   他聲稱報紙對他造謠中傷。
  • lampoon [læmˋpun] (以詩文)諷刺 嘲諷 to criticize somebody/something publicly in an amusing way that makes them or it look ridiculous; to mock or make fun of (someone or something)
    The politician was lampooned in cartoons.
    His cartoons mercilessly lampooned the politicians of his time.

3 A falling birth rate is an issue that is far more _____ than weever imagined. It is important and relevant to a nation’seconomic growth.

  • salient /ˈseɪliənt/ 顯著的,突出的  : very important or noticeable
    She began to summarize the salient features/points of the proposal. 她開始總結提議中的重點/要點。
    The article presented the salient facts of the dispute clearly and concisely. 這篇文章簡明清楚地介紹了這場爭端中的主要事實。
  • germane /ʤɚˈmeɪn/ (想法、訊息等)有密切關係的,有重要意義的 (of ideas, remarks, etc.) connected with something in an important or appropriate way; relevant
    Her remarks could not have been more germane to the discussion. 她的說話跟這次討論密切相關。
    This issue may or may not be regarded as germane.
  • fledgling/fledgeling /ˈflɛʤlɪŋ/ 新的,剛開始的;缺乏經驗的 new and without experience
    The current economic climate is particularly difficult for fledgling businesses. 目前的經濟氣候對剛起步的公司來說特別艱難。

4 All the kids in Kevin’s birthday party _____ on cakes and cookies. They ate so much that some of the kids got abdominal pain.

  • abdomen /ˈæbdəmən/ (人或動物的)腹(部);(昆蟲的)腹部
    adj. abdominal /æbˈdɑːmənl̟/ abdominal pains 腹痛
  • hurdle 加跨欄比賽;跨過 He hurdled the gate and scrambled up the hill. 他翻過圍牆門爬上山坡
    • scramble (急速而艱難地)移動;爬;攀登 to move or climb over something quickly especially while also using your hands
      We scrambled over the boulders and kept climbing up the mountain.
      As the burning plane landed, the terrified passengers scrambled for the door (= tried to reach the door quickly). 起火的飛機降落後,受驚的乘客奮力向艙門口跑去。

5 The Law Society requires current certified solicitors to _____more rigorous and extended studies for a period of two years.


6 She felt guilty for not spending time with her children and _____ by buying toys for them.


7 The research found that a lot of human consumption is_____induced—it doesn’t have anything to do with people’s real wants and needs.


8 My apartment _____ a football field, so I can watch games without buying a ticket.

  • withstand (withstood)經受;承受;頂住  to bear or not be harmed or affected by (something)
    Our toys are designed to withstand the rough treatment of the average five-year-old. 我們的玩具設計要能經得住一般五歲兒童粗野的擺弄。
    She is an artist whose work will undoubtedly withstand the test of time (= it will still be popular in the future). 她這樣一位元藝術家的作品毫無疑問能經受得起時間的考驗。

9 Dr. Lee’s research into diet and stress-managing brought him international_____ ; everybody praises him for his discovery.

  • acrimony [ˈækrɪməni] (言語、態度等的)尖刻;厲害;辛辣;激烈 angry bitter feelings or words
    The acrimony of the dispute has shocked a lot of people. 爭論的火藥味之濃,令很多人感到震驚。

10 As Internet crimes proliferate, preventive measures are considered very necessary. In other words, they have become_____ .

  • proliferate 激增 Small businesses have proliferated in the last ten years. 在過去的十年裡,小型企業大量湧現。The past two years have seen the proliferation of TV channels. 在過去的兩年裡,電視頻道激增。

  • illustrative US /ɪˈlʌstrətɪv/ UK /ˈɪləstrətɪv/
    • 說明的 used to illustrate or explain something
      illustrative examples/stories
    • 作為例證的 serving as an example of something
      Her struggle is illustrative of [=is a good example of] the difficulties facing women in her culture.

11 We should try our best to conserve the environment so that we can _____ our children a sustainable world that benefits all.

  • bequeath /bɪˈkwiːθ/ /bɪˈkwiːð/ 把…遺贈給 to arrange to give money or property to others after your death
    I bequeath this ring to my sister. = I bequeath my sister this ring.
    Her father bequeathed her the family fortune in his will. 她父親在遺囑中寫明將家產留給她。Picasso bequeathed most of his paintings and sculptures to Spain and France. 畢卡索將他大部分的畫作和雕塑作品遺贈給西班牙和法國。
    These stories were bequeathed [=handed down, passed down] to us by our ancestors.
    Lessons of the past are bequeathed to future generations.
  • beseech (beseeched or besought) 哀求 to beg (someone) for something : to ask (someone) in a serious and emotional way to do something
    Oh, kind and gracious king, we beseech [=implore, entreat] you to set us free!
    She gave the king a beseeching look.
  • besiege 圍攻,圍困 The town had been besieged for two months but still resisted the aggressors. 這座城鎮雖然已被圍困了兩個月,但仍然能把侵略者拒之城外。
    When the pop star tried to leave her hotel she was besieged by waiting journalists and fans. 那名流行歌星試圖離開飯店時,被一群在外等候的記者和歌迷圍住了。
    After showing the controversial film, the television company was besieged with phone calls from angry viewers. 電視台播放了一齣具爭議性的電影後,就不斷收到憤怒的觀眾的電話和來信。
  • bewitch 使著迷;使迷惑 He was bewitched by her beauty. 他被她的美貌迷住了。

12 There is no question about it –I saw _____ that those boys broke the window while playing soccer in the yard.


請依下文回答第 13 題至第 18 題:
The enforcement of environmental laws has led to a new growth industry in real estate, one composed of experts in the field of environmental due diligence. Environmental laws and regulations are a critical part of any real estate transaction, whether 13 , sale, lease, or financing process.
The parties need to know whether the underlying real estate is contaminated and, if so, what effect contamination will have on the economics of the deal.
Environmental due diligence has become important for a number of reasons. 14 , for example, need to determine the costs associated with environmental contamination, such as leakage from an underground fuel tank.
15 need to know whether contamination will prevent development of the property or make it prohibitively expensive—asbestos abatement costs, for example, can significantly increase the cost of renovation work. In all these cases, the parties need to know whether or not there is contamination and the estimated 16 cost.
Due diligence is not a new concept. Foryears, cautious purchasers of real estate, governed by the principle ''let the buyer beware,'' have undertaken 17 investigations. But the focus was different in earlier days. State and federal environmental laws enacted in the 1980s changed the focus of this type of investigation. These laws 18 potential cleanup liability upon owners and operators of property, regardless of whether the parties were involved in causing the contamination.
  • due diligence 盡職調查 the ​detailedexamination of a ​company and ​itsfinancialrecords, done before ​becominginvolved in a ​businessarrangemen twith it
    Before we decide to invest , we need to do due diligence on this project .   在我們決定投資之前,我們必須對合作的計劃進行精準審核。
    Due diligence is an investigation of a business or person prior to signing a contract, or an act with a certain standard of care.
  • prohibitive (費用)高得負擔不起的,(價格等)使人望之卻步的 If the cost of something is prohibitive, it is too expensive for most people
    Hotel prices in the major cities are high but not prohibitive. 大城市裡的旅館費用昂貴,但還能負擔得起。
  • abate 減少,減弱,減輕 to become weaker : to decrease in strength
    Steps are to be taken to abate pollution.
    Nothing could abate his rage .   什麼都不能平息他的憤怒。
    We waited for the wind/storm to abate.
    The storm showed no signs of abating.
    The city spends $9 million a year on air pollution abatement.
    The violence has continued without abatement.
  • asbestos [æsˋbɛstəs] 石棉
  • liability (法律上對某事物的)責任,義務when you are legally responsible for something
    He denies any liability for the damage caused. 他對造成的損失拒絕承擔任何責任。
  • Scapegoat 代罪羔羊;代人擔罪的人 a person who is blamed for something that someone else has done
    The captain was made a scapegoat for the team's failure. 隊長成了球隊失敗的代罪羔羊。
  • mourner 哀悼者;送葬者 a person at a funeral
    The dead man's wife and children were the chief mourners. 死者的妻子和孩子是主要的送葬人。
  • remediation 補救,矯正 the process of improving something or correcting something that is wrong, especially changing or stopping damage to the environment
    remediation of contaminated soil
  • indignation (由錯誤或不公正的事激起的)憤怒;憤慨 anger about a situation that you think is wrong or not fair
    The rise in train fares has aroused public indignation.
    Joe quivered with indignation that Paul should speak to him like that.
    Some benefits apply only to men, much to the indignation of working women.
    to be full of righteous indignation (= the belief that you are right to be angry even though other people do not agree)
  • prenatal /ˌpriːˈneɪtl/ US 産前的 (UK: antenatal /ˌæntiˈneɪtl/)
    prenatal care/development/testing/diagnosis
    prenatal vitamins
    The baby was tested prenatally for hereditary diseases.
  • premature 過早的;不成熟的;倉促的 happening or done too soon, especially before the natural or suitable time
    BrE /ˈpremətʃə(r)/; NAmE /ˌpriːməˈtʃʊr/,/ˌpriːməˈtuɚ/
    premature birth/death 早產/早亡
    a premature baby 早產兒
    Their criticisms seem premature considering that the results aren't yet known. 鑒於結果尚未知曉,他們的批評看來過早了。

請依下文回答第 19 題至第 21 題:
Who says the American Dream is 19 ? Today the dream of owning a home isprevalent in many young people’s minds. But withtoday’s house prices, how can young people afford to buy their first home? When you apply for a 20 for yourhome, the bank will use a table to calculate the paymentschedule. Some banks are now making simplified 21 ofthese tables available to potential house-buyers to helpthem better understand the minefileds behind thepayment schedule.
moribund /ˈmorəˌbʌnd/(尤指組織或公司)無生氣的,停滯不前的,失敗的 (especially of an organization or business) not active or successful
How can the Trade Department be revived from its present moribund state? 怎樣才能使貿易部從目前的停滯狀態中恢復生氣?
debit [ˈdebɪt]【會計】借方 借記 借項 (a record of) money taken out of a bank account
The account was in debit at the end of the month (= more money had been spent than was in the account at that time). 月底帳面出現入不敷支。
Debits are shown in the left-hand column. 借方紀錄展示在左邊一欄裡。
the account records a debit of £ 50   賬目上記錄著50鎊的借款
on the debit side   在借記方

請依下文回答第 22 題至第 23 題:
Communication is a continual balancing act, juggling the conflicting needs for intimacy and independence. To survive in the world, we have to act in 22 with others. But to survive as ourselves, we have to act alone. In some ways, all people are the same: we all eat, drink and sleep. But in some ways, each person is different, and individuals’ different wants and preferences may 23 with one another. Offered the same menu, people make different, independent choices.
juggle 盡力同時應付 to do (several things) at the same time
Many parents find it hard to juggle children and a career. 許多父母發現一邊照顧孩子一邊忙事業很難應付。
She somehow manages to juggle a dozen tasks at once.
It can be hard to juggle family responsibilities and/with the demands of a full-time job.
concert [ˋkɑnsɚt] 一致,和諧,協調,一致行動
He had his head turned by a concert of praise .   他因受到異口同聲的贊頌而忘乎所以。

24 Any discussion of ''manipulated'' photography must begin with the recognition that photography itself is an inherent manipulation, a manipulation of light, a process with many steps and stages, all subject to the biases and interpretations of the photographer, printer, editor, or viewer.
(A)Photography presents absolute reality.
(B)Photography is manipulated by the difference in light, and the photographer’s interpretation or editors’ views do not matter.
(C)The photographer manipulates the photograph to include views from the editor, printer and viewer.
(D)Photography is not unqualified truth; it is not purely objective.

  • unqualified 無限制的;絕對的;最大程度的 not limited in any way; to the largest degree possible
    We achieved a lot but I wouldn't say that the project has been an unqualified success. 我們取得了很大成績,但我還不能說該企劃案已經取得了完全成功。
    The proposal has the unqualified support of the entire committee. 提議得到了整個委員會的全力支援。

25 Tennis players, such as Serena Williams, tried to spice up their look with headbands, wristbands and the like, despite the white dress code of the tournament set since the late 1800s to reduce the appearance of sweat stains.
(A)Tennis players tried to bring some tasty food to the sport.
(B)Tennis players were naturally rebellious.
(C)The all-in-white dress code made the players look ugly.
(D)Tennis players tried to grab attention by wearing eye-catching accessories.


請依下文回答第 26 題至第 28 題:
Why should you choose to write historical novels? Are they more difficult? Yes, in some ways, but they also have advantages. In writing historical you need the same skills as for any other novel, 26 . This is absolutely essential, and you need to be prepared for it and to enjoy doing it as much as you enjoy writing. There is, of course, some research needed for all novels, but usually far more for historical. This is part of the pleasure for many writers, though many admit they are often carried away and pursue avenues that have nothingto do with their current book but intrinsically fascinating. In the same way that 27 , writers like to do the same. From a practical point of view, it is easier to write a series of novels set in the past than a series set in the present. Series can be profitable for writers once they acquire a faithful readership, and the setting can move forward in time almost indefinitely. Then there is the possibility of endless variety of time and place from which the novelist can choose. 28 Some writers confine themselves to one period,others have setting from different times.
avenue 方法;途徑;管道 可能性 a way of achieving something or of reaching a goal; a possibility
We should explore/pursue every avenue in the search for ananswer to this problem. 我們應該嘗試一切途徑尋求該問題的答案。Only two avenues are open to us - either we accept his offer or we give up the fight completely. 我們只有兩條路可走——要麼接受他的提議,要麼完全放棄鬥爭。
They have closed off that avenue of discussion.
(A)especially the confidence to convince the publisher
(B)plus the ability to do research
(C)and it is better to be a publisher yourself
(D)plus the ability to see a market
(A)readers may want to make profit by reading historical stories
(B)readers may give up everything to finish reading the novel
(C)readers may befriend writers in reading
(D)readers may be seeking escapism by imagining they are living in the past
(A)We have the whole of history and the entire human race to explore.
(B)After all, they can always find historical gossips on the streets.
(C)There are lots of mysterious events in the universe.
(D)We have almost explored everything.

請依下文回答第 29 題至第 33 題:
Years ago, many scientists assumed that a woman’s heart worked pretty much the same as a man’s. But as more women entered the male-dominated field of cardiology, many such assumptions vanished, opening the way for new approaches to research and treatment. A similar shift is underway in the study of Alzheimer’s disease. It has long been known that more women than men get the deadly neurodegenerative disease, and an emerging body of research is challenging the common wisdom as to why. Although the question is by no means settled, recent findings suggest that biological, genetic and even cultural influences may play heavy roles. Of the more than 5 million people in the United States who have been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, the leading cause of dementia, two-thirds are women. Because advancing age is considered the biggest risk factor for the disease, researchers largely have attributed that disparity to women’s longer life spans. The average life expectancy for women is 81 years, compared with 76 for men. And even after taking age into account, women are more at risk. With the number of Alzheimer’s cases in the United States expected to more than triple by 2050, there is a greater need to understand the underlying reasons women are more prone to the disease and to develop gender-specific treatments. The area of inquiry has been growing in part because of a push by female Alzheimer’s researchers, who have formed a group to advocate for a larger leadership role in the field and more gender-specific research.
  • cardiology [ˌkɑːdɪˈɒlədʒi] 心臟病學
  • neurodegenerative 神经组织退化的

  • disparity [dɪˈspærəti] 不平等;差異 a noticeable and often unfair difference between people or things
    the growing disparity between (the) rich and (the) poor 正在加劇的貧富懸殊
    problems that exist when there is a disparity of power [=when one person, group, etc., has much more power than another]
29 Which of the following is widely considered the major cause of Alzheimer’s?
(A)Advanced age
(B)Cultural influences
(C)Genetic mutation
(D)Gender difference
genetic mutation 基因突變
30 Which of the following is true about the view that a woman’s heart works differently from a man’s?
(A)It was an old view long held by the male-dominated scientific community.
(B)This view was challenged by many male researchers in the past.
(C)This view was challenged primarily by female scientists.
(D)This view developed because of advancements in cardiology.
31 According to the passage, what is the recent Alzheimer’s research mainly about?
(A)Why women live longer than men.
(B)Why women are more prone to Alzheimer’s.
(C)How Alzheimer’s treatments were discovered by women.
(D)How Alzheimer’s influences the lives of many Americans.
32 What is the relationship between dementia and Alzheimer’s?
(A)Dementia may result in Alzheimer’s.
(B)Alzheimer’s may result in dementia.
(C)The life span of Alzheimer’s patients is longer than that of the dementia patients.
(D)They are similar diseases, but found in men and women respectively.
33 What is the conclusion of the passage?
(A)Females are more prone to Alzheimer’s than men.
(B)Male researchers are encouraged to study Alzheimer’s.
(C)Gender-specific studies are now dominated by female researchers.
(D)Females make significant contribution to gender-specificresearch on Alzheimer’s.

請依下文回答第 34 題至第 37 題:
Pheromones are substances that serve as chemical signals between members of the same species. They are secreted to the outside of the body and cause other individuals of the species to have specific reactions. Pheromones, sometimes also called "social hormones," affect a group of individuals somewhat like hormones do to an individual animal. Pheromones are the predominant medium of communication among insects (but rarely the sole method). Some species have simple pheromone systems and produce only a few pheromones, but others produce many with various functions. Pheromone systems are the most complicated in some of the so-called social insects, insects that live in organized groups. Pheromones play various roles in the activities of insects. They may act as alarm substances, play a role in individual and group recognition, serve as attractants between sexes, mediate the formation of aggregations, identify foraging trails, and be involved in caste determination. For example, pheromones involved in caste determination include the "queen substance" produced by queen honey bees. Aphids, which are particularly vulnerable to predators because of their gregarious habits and sedentary nature, secrete an alarm pheromone when attacked that causes nearby aphids to respond by moving away.
  • pheromone [ˈferəməʊn](動物分泌的可影響同種生物行為的)費洛蒙,外激素
  • secrete [sɪˋkrit] (動植物或其細胞)分泌 (of animals or plants or their cells) to produce and release a liquid
    Saliva is a liquid secreted by glands in or near the mouth. 唾液是由嘴中或嘴部周圍的腺體分泌的一種液體。
  • predominant 占主導地位的;占絕大多數的;顯著的 more noticeable or important, or larger in number, than others
    Research forms the predominant part of my job. 研究是我工作中的重要部分。
    Dancers have a predominant role in this performance. 在這場表演中,舞蹈演員發揮主導作用
  • attractant 引誘劑(具有吸引動物、昆蟲等特性之物質)a substance that attracts something, especially an animal
    This type of trap uses no bait or other attractant.
  • mediate (formal + technical) : to have an effect or influence in causing (something) to happen — usually used as (be) mediated 调节;影响
    The study indicates that human aggression is partly mediated by biological factors.
    Educational success is mediated by economic factors.
  • aggregation 聚集體,集成體
aggregate: to join or combine into a single group
The Web site aggregates content from many other sites.
These insects tend to aggregate [=congregate] in dark, moist places.
scraps [plural] small bits of food which have not been eaten and which are usually thrown away廚餘; 剩菜剩飯 We give all our scraps to our cat. 我們把剩菜剩飯都拿去餵貓了。
34 What do the passages mainly discuss?
(A)how insects use pheromones to facilitate reproduction
(B)how pheromones are produced by insects
(C)why analyzing insect pheromones is thorny
(D)the different uses of pheromones among various insect species
35 What does the underlined phrase "specific reactions" refer to?
(A)roaming instinct
(B)general aggression
(C)particular behavior triggered by pheromones
(D)species-specific hibernation cycles
  • hibernation 冬眠 Bears go into hibernation in the autumn. 熊在秋天開始冬眠。
36 The purpose of the underlined word "hormones" is to point out
(A)chemical signals that are common among insects
(B)specific responses of various species to chemical signals
(C)similarities between two chemical substances
(D)how insects produce different chemical substances
37 The underlined word "sedentary" is closest in meaning to

請依下文回答第 38 題至第 40 題:
All of us know from experience that we are much more reluctant to walk away from an ongoing enterprise in which we have invested a lot than from one in which we have invested only a little. That is true of our investment in human relationships, in business projects, or in the stock market. It is true regardless of whether our investment is in the form of money, time, or effort. The same principle applies to parental investment in potential offspring. Even at the moment when an egg is fertilized by a sperm, the resulting fertilized embryo generally represents a greater investment for the female than for the male, because in most animal species the egg is much larger than the sperm. While both eggs and sperms contain chromosomes, the egg in addition must contain enough nutrients and metabolic machinery to support the embryo’s further development for some time, at least until the embryo can start feeding itself. Sperms, in contrast, need contain only a flagellar motor and sufficient energy to drive that motor and support swimming for at most a few days. As a result, a mature human egg has roughly one million times the mass of the sperm that fertilizes it. Hence a fertilized embryo, viewed simply as an early-stage construction project, represents an utterly trivial investment of its father’s body mass compared to its mother’s. But, that doesn’t mean the female has automatically lost the game of chicken before the moment of conception. Along with the one sperm that fertilized the egg, the male may have produced several hundred million other sperms in the ejaculation, so that his total investment may be not dissimilar to the female.
  • metabolic 新陳代謝的
  • flagellar [ flədʒe'ləər ] 鞭毛的:与鞭毛有关的 of or relating to a flagellum
    flagellum [fləˈdʒeləm] 鞭毛;鞭狀體 a ​long, ​thinpartsimilar to a ​tail, used for ​movement by some ​cells, ​bacteria, and other very ​smallorganisms
  • at (the) most: used when saying what is the largest possible amount or number:
    At most, the work will take a week.
    It should cost around $20, or $30 at the most.
  • The game of chicken, also known as the hawk-dove game or snowdrift game, is a model of conflict for two players in game theory. The principle of the game is that while it is for both players beneficial if the other player yields, their own optimal choice depends on what their opponent is doing: if their opponent yields, the player should not, but if the opponent fails to yield, the player should. 膽小鬼博弈(英文:The game of chicken),又譯懦夫博弈,是博弈論中一個影響深遠的模型。模型中,兩名車手相對驅車而行,誰最先轉彎的一方被恥笑為「膽小鬼」(chicken),讓另一方勝出,因此這博弈模型在英文中稱為The Game of Chicken(懦夫遊戲),但如果兩人拒絕轉彎,任由兩車相撞,最終誰都無法受益。
  • ejaculation /ɪˌdʒæk.jʊˈleɪ.ʃən/ 射精
  • dissimilar 不同的,不相似的,有區別的 different
    The new house is not dissimilar to our old one except that it's a bit bigger. 新房子與我們的舊房子相比並沒有甚麽不同,只是稍大一些。
38 Based on the premise that “we are much more reluctant to walk away from an ongoing enterprise in which we have invested a lot than from one in which we have invested only a little,” which one of the following is the easiest to do?
(A)To burn the first chapter of your PhD dissertation draft after having worked on it for a few weeks
(B)To rewrite the body of your PhD dissertation draft after having spent two whole years on it
(C)To find another dissertation supervisor after having worked with your original supervisor for three years
(D)To change your dissertation topic after working on it for one year and having finished three chapters
39 Which of the following statements is true?
(A)When mating, the male invests much less than the female in total.
(B)When mating, the total investment of the male is roughly the same as that of the female.
(C)When mating, the female contributes much more than the male in total.
(D)When mating, the male contributes much more than the female in total.
40 According to the passage, why has the female not automatically lost the game of chicken before the moment of conception?
(A)The male does not invest as little as we may think.
(B)The female does not invest as little as we may think.
(C)The female does not invest as much as we may think.
(D)Neither of the male and the female invests as much as we think.