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表示因果的單字與片語:lead to / result in / result of / bring about / cause / caused by / because of / due to / come from

原因 + lead to / result in / bring about / cause + 結果
(1) Smoking leads to cancer. 抽煙導致癌症。
(2) Her lack of team effort resulted in her demotion. 缺乏團隊合作精神使得她被降級。
(3) Science has brought about many changes in oulives. 科學為我們生活帶來很大變化。
(4) The flood caused great hardship. 這場洪水造成極大的困難。

結果 + arise from / (be) because of / (be) caused by / (be) due to / (be) the result of / come from + 原因
(1) Most complaints arise from poor customer service. 大多數的投訴起因於差勁的客服。
(2) The picnic has been canceled because of bad weather. 因為天氣不佳所以取消野餐。
(3) The illness is caused by a virus. 這個疾病是由病毒所引起的。
(4) Her absence was due to the storm. 由於風雨交加她沒來。
(5) The book is the result of years of hard work and dedication. 這本書是多年的努力與奉獻的結果。
(6) Most of her problems come from expecting too much of people. 她大部分的問題來自於對他人有過多的期待。

biz互動英語2006年8月號 http://www.liveabc.com/index.asp

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[101] 外國文(英文)選擇1-12題 - 調查局調工(英文)、國安局情報人員


考 試 別:調查人員、國家安全情報人員
類 科 組:調查人員調查工作組(選試英文)、國家安全情報人員各組(選試英文)


1. Although there were many _____ in his career as a baseball player, Chien-ming Wang refused to give up, and eventually he gained international recognition.
(A) setbacks
(B) coincidences
(C) distortions
(D) breakthroughs

(A) setback 挫折; 失敗
(B) coincidence 巧合
(C) distortion 扭曲; 變形
(D) breakthrough 突破

2. In their campaign speeches many candidates tend to _____  rather than assert their opinions or positions in certain political issues.
(A) admonish
(B) circumscribe
(C) equivocate
(D) mesmerize

【答案】: (C)
(A) admonish 責備
(B) circumscribe 在周圍畫線; 限制 Ex: Armstrong was the company president, though his powers were circumscribed.
(C) equivocate 說話模稜兩可; 含糊其辭
(D) mesmerize 迷惑;使著迷 Ex: The crowd was mesmerized by the acrobats. 
★ assert 主張;堅持

3. Closing the trash dump will reduce greenhouse gas  _____ by a minimum of 2 million tons of carbon dioxide a year, according to the city government.
(A) tolerance
(B) emissions
(C) admissions
(D) resistance

(A) tolerance 寬容
(B) emissions (能量或氣體等的)散發、排放
(C) admissions 進入許可
(D) resistance 抵抗, 反抗
★ greenhouse gas  溫室氣體
★ carbon dioxide 二氧化碳

4. Once a pattern of behavior has formed, it is difficult to break, especially if the _____ repercussions are not  experienced immediately.
(A) fantastic
(B) terrific
(C) negative
(D) prosperous

(A) fantastic 極好的, 了不起的
(B) terrific 非常好的, 了不起的
(C) negative 負面的
(D) prosperous 繁榮的
 ★ repercussion (常複數)後果; 影響 Ex: We didn't expect the decision to have such serious repercussions.

5. It is time to raise the tuition fee, but this small extra charge might put a _____ on enrollment numbers.
(A) brochure
(B) cache
(C) damper
(D) waiver

(A) brochure 小冊子
(B) cache 貯藏;藏匿處 Ex: Police found a cache of stolen cars in the woods.
(C) damper 使人掃興的人(或事)
 ★ put a damper on... 掃了...的興致 Ex: His bad mood put a damper on the celebration.
(D) waiver 放棄; 棄權證書 Ex: He signed an insurance waiver before surgery.
【中譯】:現在該是提高學費的時候了,但這一小筆額外費用可能會使註冊人數稍微縮水。 ★ tuition 學費
★ enrollment 登記;註冊

6. Sometime in the past 30 years, young Americans have become risk-averse, _____, and less inclined to pack up and move.
(A) forsaken
(B) sedentary
(C) bohimian
(D) somatic

(A) forsaken  被拋棄的 (forsake的過去分詞)
(B) sedentary 坐著的, 久坐的
(C) bohimian (bohemian 波希米亞的;放蕩不羈的)
(D) somatic 身體的; 軀體的
★ risk averse 風險厭惡、風險趨避或風險規避
★ pack up 整理行李 Ex: You may take a few minutes to pack up your things, but then you must leave.

7. Cinderella is one of the most famous folk stories, with more than 3,000 known _____ from countries around the world.
(A) species
(B) victories
(C) variations
(D) sediments

(A) species 種類
(B) victory 勝利
(C) variation 變化,稍加改變過後的版本 Ex: His newest book is just a slight variation on a familiar theme.
(D) sediment  沈積, 沈澱

8. The dog raised a _____ snarl as the veterinarian tried to give him a shot.
(A) capricious
(B) fallacious
(C) delicious
(D) vicious

(A) capricious 善變的;任性的
(B) fallacious 謬誤的
(C) delicious 美味的
(D) vicious 兇惡的;邪惡的
 ★ snarl 吠, 嗥(ㄏㄠˊ)
 ★ veterinarian 獸醫

9. We have to _____ our pace if we want to finish the project on time; the deadline is approaching.
(A) accelerate
(B) facilitate
(C) lacerate
(D) suffocate

(A) accelerate 加速
(B) facilitate 促進
(C) lacerate 撕裂, 割破 Ex: The patient's hand was severely lacerated.
(D) suffocate 使窒息

10. People are not supposed to talk behind others, not to mention their talk was slightly _____ and gossipy.
(A) appreciative
(B) diagonal
(C) malicious
(D) salutary

(A) appreciative 有欣賞力的, 感謝的
(B) diagonal 對角線的;斜的
(C) malicious 惡意的, 懷恨的
(D) salutary 有益的, (尤其是在不好的事發生過後)而有利的。Ex: The accident should be a salutary lesson to be more careful.

11. I need to put your arm in a _____ to keep it in the right position while it heals.
(A) stethoscope
(B) syringe
(C) splint
(D) stretcher

(A) stethoscope (醫生的)聽診器
(B) syringe 注射器
(C) splint (醫療用)夾板
(D) stretcher 擔架

12. It seems there is no escape for us from the _____  noise during the peak rush hours in this crowded city.
(A) dingy
(B) dilapidated
(C) ultimate
(D) ubiquitous

(A) dingy 骯髒昏暗的
(B) dilapidated 損壞的、破舊的
(C) ultimate  最後的, 最終的
(D) ubiquitous  無所不在的
★ peak 最高的, 高峰的
★ rush hour (上下班時)交通擁擠時間; 尖峰時間

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「beg, borrow or steal」、「stop at nothing」、「by fair means or foul」、「by hook or by crook」這幾個片語都是指「不擇手段,無論用什麼方法也要達到目的」的意思。

1. beg, borrow or steal beg是求,borrow是借,steal是偷,不管是用求的、借的,甚至是用偷的也要得到想要的東西,換句話說就是不擇手段、用盡各種辦法也要得到。
I'm going to get a dress for the ball, whether I have to beg, borrow or steal one. (Cambridge Dictionary) 不管是要我用偷的還是用搶,我都要弄到一件禮服穿去舞會。

2. stop at nothing
She's one of these people who sets herself a goal and then she'll stop at nothing to achieve it.  她是那種一旦設定目標就會不顧一切去達成的人。

 3. by fair means or foul
He was determined to become senator, by fair means or foul. 他決定不論用什麼方法都要當上參議員。

4.  by hook or by crook
這個片語早在14世紀就出現了,但它的來源眾說紛紜。有種說法是,中古英國時有個傳統,讓農民從皇室森林中取木材,不論是用鉤刀(billhook)割還是用牧羊人的曲柄杖(crook)鉤下來都可以。另一種說法是,1649年英國軍政領袖奧利弗·克倫威爾(Oliver Cromwell)攻擊愛爾蘭的瓦特福Waterford時曾說不論從Hook Head鎮還是從Crooke鎮攻擊都能取下此地。或是hook和crook兩個字本身都帶有不正當的意思。諸如此類各種說法莫衷一是。
I decided that I was going to get that job by hook or by crook. 我決定將不擇手段得到這份工作。


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表示陷入窘境的英文片語:up a tree、at the end of one's rope、hit a bad patch、in a pinch、in a jam、in a bind、in a pickle

up a tree是比喻陷入困難的處境

up a tree字面上是形容動物被攻擊時為逃避追趕而爬上樹,但他的敵人在樹下虎視眈眈地等待,因此這個動物已經無路可走。

例:They found the drugs in his suitcase, so he was up a tree. (他們在他的手提箱裡起出毒品,他因此百口莫辯。)

例:This whole business has me up a tree. (這整個事件讓我陷入困境。)


at the end of one's rope 山窮水盡,束手無策

hit a bad patch 遇到困難,陷入困境

a bad patch 是指一段不好過的時間,習慣上前面加上 hit
也可以用 a rough patch、a rocky patch,意思一樣。

Their marriage has hit a bad patch.


hit a snag 
= 遇到挑戰/困難; 出問題 
We hit a snag with our travel plans. 我們旅遊的計畫生變。 
Our plans for a relaxing night at home hit a snag when a pipe burst in the basement. 我們在家享受一個放鬆的夜晚的計畫並不順利,因為地下室的水管爆裂。

in a pinch 在緊急或困難的時候
I was in a pinch because I had no money to pay for the meal. 

in a jam = in a difficult situation.
I'm in a jam. I'm going on holiday to Spain tomorrow but I can't find my passport anywhere. 我現在的狀況很不妙。我明天就要去西班牙渡假了,卻找不到我的護照。
I found myself in a jam when my car overheated on the highway. 當我的車在公路上過熱時,我發現情況不對勁了。
If at any time he's in a jam she'll be by his side. 只要他陷入困境,她就會在身邊陪伴他。

in a bind
Their refusal to sign the contract has put us in a bind.
他們拒絕在合同上簽字, 這使我們處於困境。

in a pickle 處境困難,沒有解決的辦法
I'm in a pickle between my employees and my boss. I won't be able to please both parties.

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over the top 誇張;過頭;言過其實

Over the top超過正常的程度或一般預期,以致於讓人感到誇張極端

Over the top可以用在很多地方,像是言論,有些商人對產品的功效說的天花亂墮,這時可以說他們「make over the top claims about something」。

或是形容表演:The singer's performances are always over the top.

也可以形容一個人的服裝造型大膽:He has always had an independent style, but don't you think purple spiky hair is a bit over the top?

Over the top也可以縮寫為OTT來使用,唸法就是「歐踢踢」:His reaction was a bit OTT.

跟over the top相關的字是overboard,同指超過合理的限度太過頭了
例如:He doesn't drink often, but when he does, he tends to go a bit overboard.
或:She went overboard with the decorations.

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[回答問題] British term / posh voice 的意思


It's a very British term isn't it?
--> 這是一個很道地的英式英語,是吧?

像是technical term是指「術語」,
medical term 是「醫療術語」的意思。

which is why I tend to say it in a posh voice
--> 這就是為什麼我說這個的時候往往用文雅的語氣

in a posh voice可翻作「以文雅的語氣」,in ... voice是指「用...的語調、語氣、口吻」。

查posh字典裡的意思的話會出現「上層階層的、上流社會的」、「upperclass」等的解釋。舉個例子,貝克漢的老婆維多利亞(Victoria Beckham)在辣妹合唱團(Spice Girls)時期就叫做「Posh Spice」,我記得那時台灣翻作「高貴辣妹」,這裡posh所要表達的意思就不言可喻了吧?

有興趣的話可以看這個網站, 討論哪些名人說Posh English


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[體育英語] NBA draft 選秀 / undrafted 選秀落選


最近台裔美籍的林書豪(Jeremy Lin)在美國NBA球場上的表現造成旋風,但他展露頭角的歷程走來並不順暢。因為林書豪是所謂的「undrafted player」,他參加2010年的「NBA draft」(NBA選秀) 時,沒有受到任何球隊的青睞。

美國許多職業運動比賽為了避免球隊競相以高薪壟斷人才,舉辦 draft 以分配球員給球隊。像是NFL (National Football League)、NBA (National Basketball Association)、MLB (Major League Baseball)都個自有 draft 的制度。

以NBA為例,NBA每年舉辦一次 draft ,未打進 playoffs ( 季後賽 )的14支球隊能優先參加 Draft Lottery ( 選秀抽籤 ) 決定選秀順序,讓成績較差的球隊較有機會優先挑選球員。

Undrafted playerundrafted free agent 就是指在沒有在 draft 選秀會當中被球隊選上的球員。

draft」可以當名詞或動詞。當作名詞時就是指「球隊挑選球員的選秀會或選拔賽」。如「The NBA Draft, held in a New York theater each summer, is only two rounds long」句子裡的 draft 就是作為名詞。當作動詞時就是指「球隊藉由draft挑選 (球員)」,如「Often big men are drafted with the expectation that their skills will develop in time」,句子裡的「are drafted」就是動詞被動式。本文轉載請註明:Two Light Planet (http://twolightplanet.blogspot.com/)

  • draft - 選秀
  • undrafted - 選秀落選
  • NBA Draft Lottery - NBA選秀抽籤
  • playoffs - 季後賽